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September 2006



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Andre? It's been a long time. Have a minute?
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Eliot. I didn't know you were still here.
How could you? They keep me in the bowels of this dreadful building, all locked up with the more interesting creatures.
You're down in C-Wing?
One floor below. I like to think of it as 'the dungeon'. I do get to poke all the neat mutations, though.

Eliot, do you have a fourteen-year old girl in one of your cells? An ocular mutation?
Oooh, there's an ocular mutation here now? You're holding out on me, Z. *smirk*

No, I haven't seen any new people since the skinny white one and Octavius.
Don't touch her. If you see her, tell me immediately.
All right. If you insist.

Anyone else you've been hiding from me?
I'd really rather not have any of my men studied right now, Eliot.

You had something you wanted to talk to me about?
Just the men, then? What about the women? One in particular I'm interested in.
I'd really rather not...

Who? Not Alice, I told you that years ago.

Actually, I've been assigned to take a look at a newer case. She developed greenish blood...


No, she's Doctor Badu's patient right now. I'm sorry.
Its not a request, Z. I've been assigned. Nothing major, I just need a few blood draws.

*looks apologetic*
You can't have her.

*looks firm*
I'm not going to take her. Look, if it's all the same to you, I'd not do it. But this comes directly from the top.

It's only blood, Andre.

Please don't piss her off.
As long as I've worked with Del Harbor, I have never, ever tried to piss her off.

She dislikes you.
That's a really soft word for it, Andre. I believe 'hates with a pure passion only reserved for rabid wolverines' is more suitable.
*Sighs, and rubs the bridge of his nose.*

And that was before the break.... Damnit, Eliot. You're one of the last people I want near her right now.
All right. Tell you what. Have someone pull five or six tubes of blood, and send it down to my lab. I won't go near her. I'd rather do it myself, but I don't want to make your life more difficult than it already is.

And yes, I can tell it's sucking royally right now. You get this look on your face as if you've been force-fed giant hissing cockroaches.
Wish I had. I have a little girl in solitary confinement and her fuming father in my head.

No, go ahead and do it. If she gives you trouble, sedate her. That makes things easiest for me.
You sure? I'm serious, you have this vein that pops out right over your left eye...


I'm kidding, Andre. I'd never hurt one of your people. You know that. I think. *small smirk*
Do it. I know.


Just a bad week, Eliot.

They have to let me out of my cage more often. Overworked as hell down there.

We should go out some time, the group of us. Mmm. Invite Dominic. Lovely figure of a man.
Me too.

We should. And yes, yes he is.

Andre, you never cease to amaze me. Good for you. I always knew you'd come around.

*huge grin!*
*tolerant smile* Just for him, Eliot. It's complicated.
That's all right. You're a good guy. Need a little help with the wardrobe, but what man doesn't? I'm happy for you.